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12 Cybersecurity Metrics You and Your Vendors
Should Be Monitoring

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“Yes” or “no” questions won’t help you better understand your cybersecurity posture — but actionable metrics will.

Cybersecurity is an issue facing every organization today — and if you aren’t taking the necessary precautions, your company, customers, and vendors could all be at risk. 

In this guide, we’ve detailed 12 specific and actionable metrics that will help you assess the security performance of your organization or your third-party vendors'. Within this guide, you’ll find:

  • Three primary ways you could experience a cybersecurity incident.
  • Twelve specific cybersecurity metrics you can put into place in your organization.
  • Detailed explanations of how and why you (and your vendors) should monitor these metrics.

Download this guide to learn which cybersecurity metrics you should be monitoring.

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