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Thrive Through Transformation

Join us as we explore the ways cyber risk experts and business leaders are responding to unprecedented volatility.

15 Minutes Smarter is an all-new video series about meeting unprecedented volatility with unprecedented agility. In this video series, we’re interviewing business leaders with unique perspectives on risk and security to discover how they’re responding to challenges like the shift to remote work and growing attack surfaces.

Take 15 minutes to learn how your organization can harness the power of security and risk reduction, and thrive through transformation.















Does Cybersecurity Affect Market Capitalization?

Independent research from Solactive, a Germany-based index provider, finds a clear signal that stocks of companies with strong cybersecurity performance (as measured by BitSight) outperform their market peers. Specifically, Solactive demonstrates that investing in strong cybersecurity performers delivers investors up to 7% better returns on average per year. Join us to learn more about the Solactive research, the Solactive BitSight Cyber Risk Index, and how your cybersecurity program can lead to greater returns for your organization.


Francisco Fonseca, VP National Cybersecurity at BitSight, discusses how governments around the world are facing threats to critical infrastructure. How can they get visibility into the security posture of these essential services and work to reduce cyber risk?.


Dmitri Alperovitch covers election security, work from home, ransomware, and reporting cybersecurity to the board.


Can investing in strong cybersecurity performers deliver greater financial returns? Dr. Axel Haus, Head of Qualitative Research at financial index provider Solactive shares the results of his latest research and discusses the future of cybersecurity-focused financial indices.


Managing & Communicating Risk in a Complex Organization

Andy Bien spent a decade as the Chief Information Officer of the Airport Authority of Hong Kong, an organization that underwent a significant digital transformation in recent years under his leadership. How did he manage risk in a complex environment? How did supply chain risk impact his organization? And what does he think of BitSight? Join this conversation to learn more.


How can security and risk professionals build a stronger relationship with senior executives and board members? How can they demystify the topic of cybersecurity for a non-technical audience? 3-time CIO of the Year and celebrated author Joe Topinka shares practical tips.


Stephen Vina, of Marsh, discusses how Covid-19 has affected cyber insurance. He discusses proven best practices on how to deliver clear, easily understandable security communications in a language that makes sense to the business.


During this episode, Dave Estlick, CISO, Chipotle, discusses how you must have a common language through which you can articulate program goals, track progress, and report on improvements over time in order to drive accountability for security outcomes throughout your vendor network.


Investors are increasingly factoring non-financial information into corporate valuations. How should investors incorporate cybersecurity into their investment decisions? How does cyber affect short and long-term investment strategies? How should companies respond? BitSight's CEO, Steve Harvey shares his perspectives from a career advising investors.


Stephen Boyer, Co-Founder and CTO, discusses what's next in work from home security. Security professionals need to be thinking of the next evolution of the approach from working from home, specifically focusing on the security of the home network.


Tim Torres, Sr. Deputy CISO, Sutter Health, discusses how a risk-based, data-driven approach to evaluating and managing your vendors’ cybersecurity performance, can get the most out of your limited resources.


Vendor risk assessments are time-consuming processes... and today's business needs to move quickly and efficiently. How can security and risk leaders meet business requirements while doing their jobs? Longtime financial sector security and risk leader Nasser Fattah shares insights.


Siobhan Gorman, Partner at The Brunswick Group, speaks with BitSight VP of Communication, Jake Olcott, about how security teams can adapt and survive during these unprecedented times.


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Gartner Report: The Urgency to Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision

Download the Gartner report on “The Urgency to Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision” to learn about how security and business leaders can “drive cybersecurity priorities and investments by using an outcome-driven approach that balances investment and risk with the needs to achieve desired business outcomes.”