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A Practical Guide to Risk-Based Cybersecurity Reporting

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Risk-based reporting is vital for internal communication regarding cybersecurity.

A Practical Guide To Risk Based Cybersecurity Reporting_eBook ThumbnailAs budgets decrease and teams continue to adapt to our “new normal” operating environment, it’s more important than ever to have a strong strategy in place for assessing, monitoring, and reporting on cyber risk and security program performance over time.

Effective communication between different levels of a cybersecurity organization — from practitioners to managers to the C-suite and the Board — can mean the difference between secure systems and massive incidents. And reports, far from being a formality or busy work, are the central mechanism of this communication.

By taking a risk-based approach to cybersecurity reporting, you can assess performance based on actual exposure to cyber threats, provide actionable context, highlight the value of your cybersecurity efforts, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your limited time and resources.

Read this ebook for insights on:

  • The core elements of risk-based reporting
  • How to present metrics in context for maximum impact
  • Specific approaches for Board members, executives, managers, and practitioners

Download the ebook to learn more about the importance of cybersecurity reporting — and the techniques, software, and methodologies that are revolutionizing the reporting process at every level of the organization.

Download the Guide