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BitSight Advanced Analytics

Gain business context and achieve better security performance measurement with BitSight Enterprise Analytics, Peer Analytics, and Forecasting solutions

Analytics for more accurate security decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Any company can convince itself that it is “doing enough” to remain secure against cyber threats. But without objective, verifiable data to assess its program, compare its security ratings against similar organizations within and across industries, and project future standings, it can never know for sure.

BitSight Advanced Analytics takes the guesswork out of analyzing security ratings and setting program goals with analytics that are customizable based on the company’s own security goals and appetite for risk. Based on the BitSight Security Rating, the solutions within BitSight Advanced Analytics follow an established cybersecurity standard of care that provides vital and relevant context. The resulting data enables the organization to see beyond immediate threats, and examine the risk distributed across its internal ecosystem of business units, departments, and subsidiaries.

Download this brief to explore the benefits and advantages of BitSight Advanced Analytics and learn how this suite of solutions helps organizations understand the full picture of its risk distribution, not just as a standalone organization, but as the sum of all its parts.

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