Badgerland Uses BitSight to Assess the Cybersecurity of Critical Third Parties

Case Study

BitSight Badgerland Case Study

Learn how Badgerland Financial used BitSight Security Ratings to elevate their vendor risk management program.

Badgerland Financial, a financial services company focused on serving the needs of farmers with loans, insurance, and tax assistance deals with many third parties. Before using BitSight Security Ratings, the organization was unable to verify the accuracy of vendor risk assessments and questionnaires. 

Using BitSight, Badgerland Financial is able to:

  • Idependently verify the responses of vendor risk assessments and questionnaires
  • Cut down on the number of questionnaires and risk assessments they need to perform for each vendor
  • Continuously monitor critical third parties and use BitSight repots to guide conversations around security.

Learn how Badgerland Financial is using BitSight Security Ratings to monitor critical third parties and reduce the reliance of point-in-time assessments.

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