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End to End Business Enablement

Bring on vendors in a timely way by effectively translating, summarizing, and communicating the risk that is associated with that relationship to the business. Make informed decisions in easily understood terms.

Faster Vendor Onboarding

Reduce the time and cost it takes to onboard and make your program more scalable with smart tiering recommendations, workflow integrations, and risk vector breakdowns that help you identify areas of known risk.

vendor prioritization
Reduce Vendor Risk

Make confident data-driven decisions to prioritize resources to drive efficient risk reduction across your portfolio and adapt your process to improve operational efficiency.

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"It used to take weeks to complete vendor assessments. Now it takes us hours. BitSight Security Ratings facilitate security discussions with potential vendors. It’s an integral part of our vendor risk management program."
Michael Christian
Information Security Manager of Cyber Risk & Compliance
“We are very confident in BitSight’s ability to deliver accurate information to us and have that accuracy over time."
Chris Porter

Over 2,100 customers turn to BitSight to manage and reduce cyber risk.