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Business Services Firms Sit at the Intersection
of Third-Party Cyber Risk

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For business services firms, trust is the name of the game.


56% of companies surveyed said they experienced a data breach or cyber attack caused by a third party, according to a Ponemon Institute study.

Accountants, law firms, business strategy consultants, and other professional service companies rely on many third-party vendors but are also third-party providers themselves. These organizations put their reputations at risk if they fail to continuously monitor their own security posture as well as their vendors'.

In today's interconnected digital world, it's no longer sufficient to only focus on one's own cybersecurity status. It's critical that all organizations also assess the security of vendors and partners to mitigate third-party cyber risk.

Download this white paper to learn how business services firms can implement an effective security strategy, protect their own data and sensitive client information, and continuously monitor third-party risks.

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