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Schedule a personalized BitSight Security Ratings demo to learn how Security Ratings can help you measure the risk that applicants present to your company.

What tools do you use to assess applicants for your cyber insurance policies? How confident are you in their effectiveness?

If the programs you use aren't continuously updated, your quotes may not be accurate. Accomplish the following with the right tools at your disposal:

  • Increase Revenue: Make smarter data-driven risk decisions. Security Ratings provide an objective, verifiable, actionable intelligence for underwriting cyber risk, and ours are continuously updated.
  • Improve Underwriting Effectiveness: Continuously monitor Security Ratings for applicants and insureds, and set alerts and thresholds based on ratings changes. 
  • Lower Risk and Reduce Claims Costs: Reduce risk exposure with daily access to Security Ratings and alerts. Notify insureds when new vulnerabilities are detected, before losses occur to avoid claims.  
  • Identify Areas of Risk Aggregation: Get a better understanding of the true aggregate risk levels of your business and further insight into fourth party cyber risk.

Schedule a personalized demo to see how you can evaluate the cyber risk of potential insureds clearly and thoroughly with Security Ratings.

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