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Data Sheet

BitSight Sovereign Security Ratings

Empowering agencies to identify and assess national cyber threats.

Today, the gathering and processing of information on cyber threats is still primarily a manual process, often resulting in limited visibility and information gaps for security and risk teams tasked with defending against cyber threats. With the increased rate at which malware and threats develop and spread, organizations responsible for national security need a more efficient way to synthesize intelligence in order to take action. 

Bitsight Sovereign Security Ratings take the burden of manual collection and analysis away so agencies can gain actionable insight into cyber threats and initiate remediation with appropriate parties. 

Learn about the benefits of BitSight Sovereign Security Ratings, including:

  • Detailed security key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Readily available information on infections & cyber threats
  • An innovative way to assess Country and Industry cybersecurity risk exposure

Learn how BitSight Sovereign Security Ratings help identify and remediate cyber threats.

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