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Forrester Report: All CISOs Are Transformational CISOs

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EveryCISOCISOs and security programs were already under pressure even before the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world. After years of static results despite ever higher budgets, boards have started to place more scrutiny on the ROI of security programs to deliver more for the business. The security world was ripe for transformation.

One bright spot of the COVID-19 pandemic is the radical shift to work from home and expanded reliance on third parties has made every CISO into a transformational CISO, who are in prime position to reposition security from a cost center to a pivotal driver of business growth.

Transformational CISOs love overhauling a struggling security program and seeing long-term improvements take shape. Retooling, restaffing, and rebuilding from the ground up inspires them.

Read the Forrester report “Every CISO Is Now A Transformational CISO” to learn why “every CISO must lead and master change.”

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