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North America Municipal Utility Leverages BitSight to Monitor Security Performance Across Business Ecosystem


North American Municipal Utility Security Performance Case Study

Learn how this municipal utility improved their cybersecurity posture with BitSight Security Ratings.

One of the largest municipal utilities in North America was looking to obtain an outside-in perspective to get a better understanding and improve their security performance. The municipal utility also wanted to get a closer look at the security posture of their third parties to identify and reduce potential cyber risk across their entire business ecosystem.

Using BitSight Security Ratings, this municipal utility was able to: 

  • Quantify their cyber risk, measure security program progress, and benchmark their cybersecurity performance against industry peers
  • Continuously monitor the security postures of their vendors and partners to identify, quantify, and mitigate third-party cyber risk
  • Improve collaboration with third parties to put action plans together to remediate issues
  • Strengthen their security performance from an external point of view and clearly demonstrate improvements to their executive team and the Board of Directors

Learn how this municipal utility used BitSight Security Ratings to improve their security posture by knowing where risks exist within both their organization and their third parties.

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