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Find out how BitSight can help you solve your most pressing security and risk challenges.


We provide objective, verifiable, and actionable security ratings to more companies than any other player in the industry, and rely on data from only trusted, reputable sources.


We are the longest-standing, most frequently used Security Ratings Service. Our approach has been proven through 7+ years of helping companies stay at the forefront of risk and security innovation.


Organizations use BitSight Security Ratings to continuously monitor the security performance of third parties, benchmark their cybersecurity posture for comparison with industry peers, and remediate cyber risks.

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Manage third-party vendor cyber risk.

BitSight Security Ratings help organizations continuously monitor and scale their third-party vendor risk management programs quickly and effectively. This data-driven approach fosters collaboration between first and third parties to manage cyber risks across the ecosystem.


Benchmark cybersecurity performance and report to the Board.

Organizations use BitSight Security Ratings to quantify their cyber risk, forecast and measure the impact of risk mitigation efforts, benchmark their cybersecurity performance for comparison with industry peers, and clearly report security progress to Boards of Directors.


Underwrite cyber insurance and assess aggregate cyber risk.

Seven of the top ten leading cyber insurers use BitSight Security Ratings to gain an accurate, continuous picture of cyber risks facing applicants, policyholders, and their entire books of business.


Identify and mitigate the cyber risk of mergers & acquisitions.

BitSight plays a key role in assessing and measuring the cybersecurity performance of potential acquisition targets or portfolio companies. Learn how organizations use BitSight Security Ratings to mitigate cyber risk before, during, and after an acquisition or investment.

“We are very confident in BitSight’s ability to deliver accurate information to us and have that accuracy over time."
Chris Porter

Over 2,100 customers turn to BitSight to manage and reduce cyber risk.