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The Impact Of Fourth Party Networks On Organizations

Who Are The Companies You and Your Third Parties Rely On? Are They Secure?

Learn how vulnerabilities in fourth party networks impact your organization.

In Risk Degrees of Separation, we examined over 35,000 companies and their associations with content delivery networks (CDNs), content management systems (CMSs), web frameworks like PHP and ASP, .NET, cloud hosting providers, email providers, domain registrars, payment services, certificate providers, and web servers. This research sheds light on the supplier relationships that exist between various organizations and helps identify the value of fourth party risk management and aggregate risk. The study also investigates cyber risk aggregation by highlighting the dependencies that an insurance company’s book of businesses has on potentially compromised service providers.

LP-Thumbnail-risk-degrees-separation.pngThis BitSight Insight report details:

  • How businesses can identify single points of failure in order to mitigate aggregate risk
  • Why organizations need to be aware of fourth party connections with the rising adoption of public cloud and digital systems
  • The effects of recent publicly disclosed breaches on thousands of associated companies

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