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security performance management

An Outcome-driven Approach to Better Security

Your organization is being held increasingly accountable for its security practices, outcomes, and failures. Building defenses and reacting to threats are no longer enough. You need to quantify the impact and effectiveness of your security investments — and identify gaps in performance. You also need to set goals and make informed, data-driven decisions on how to better manage your resources.

In this data sheet, you’ll learn how BitSight for Security Performance Management empowers you to:

  • Achieve continuous visibility into your expanding digital footprint
  • Streamline operations for reducing cyber risk
  • Drive accountability for security outcomes throughout your organization
  • Ensure that investments in security controls are efficient and effective

Learn how BitSight for Security Performance Management can help your team assess its cybersecurity posture, identify areas of potential risk, and lay the foundation for an effective security program.

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