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Making Risk Management More Effective
With Security Ratings

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Learn how to identify and manage cyber risk with BitSight Security Ratings.
security ratings risk management

Can you identify which of your partners are putting you at the highest risk? Can you show the executives data about your company's security issues in a clear way? Do have a simple way to measure your current security position and how it changes over time?

Risk management programs simply can't provide this kind of information. But, with security ratings, it's actually possible to have this kind of insight and actionable data — and it changes everything.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why compliance mandates in multiple industries are looking towards more frequent assessment to manage cyber risk internally and in vendor networks.
  • How daily BitSight Security Ratings are non-intrusively generated using externally available data.
  • Three ways forward-thinking organizations are using BitSight Security Ratings to proactively manage security risk, including benchmarking, vendor risk management, and board-level reporting.

Download this white paper to learn how these data-driven risk metrics are revolutionizing the way organizations manage cyber risk throughout their entire ecosystem.

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