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Case Study


BitSight for Security Performance Management helps helps organisations take a risk-based and more outcome driven approach to managing the performance of their organisation’s cybersecurity program from a central department.

Snam is Europe’s leading gas utility. Founded in 1941, it has been building and managing sustainable and technology advanced infrastructure to guarantee energy security for over 75 years. The company operates in Italy and through subsidiaries in Albania, Austria, France, Greece, the United Kingdom and has started activities in China. The company has the largest gas transmission network and storage capacity in Europe and is investing in new energy transition business such as sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and renewable gases.

Learn how BitSight for Security Performance Management enabled this organisation to:

  • Assess performance of current cyber security posture
  • Allocate limited resources and prioritize security efforts and initiatives
  • Set achievable security team goals, track and report on progress over time

Learn more about how Snam uses BitSight for Security Performance Management.

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