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Understanding Cybersecurity & Compliance Risk In A Complex Regulatory World

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In today's evolving regulatory landscape, compliance should no longer be a "tick-box" exercise.

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With the escalation of the cybersecurity and compliance landscape and the issuing of unprecedented global fines, what does this mean for organisations around the world as many ‘fly blind’ when it comes to meeting the barrage of regulations they now face?

This white paper looks at how the growing complex regulatory landscape impacts organisations. In particular, it examines the common themes in many of the regulatory approaches — including themes around:

  • Executive and Board responsibility
  • Measuring security effectiveness
  • Managing risk in the ecosystem

It also explains why, in this new era of cloud, as many firms look to outsource to strategic service providers, it has never been more important for security and risk leaders to know their industry’s security performance standards, third-party risk associated with outsourcing and how firms face legal liability for failing to meet customer requirements and industry-wide standards of care for cybersecurity.

Download this white paper to learn why compliance should no longer be a tick-box exercise and to understand what the regulators are currently looking for.

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